Frozen Hotpot Ebiko Prawn Paste




Ingredient: Prawn Meat, Surimi (Fish Meat, Sugar, Egg White Powder, Sodium Polyphosphates), Palm Oil, Fish Roe, Egg White Powder, Salt, Starch (Tapioca, Corn), Sugar, MSG, I+G and Water Imported From: Singapore
Shelf life: Consume within 3 months after purchase.
Net Weight: 120g/pkt

成份: 蝦肉,魚糜(魚肉,糖,蛋清粉,多磷酸鈉),棕櫚油,魚卵,蛋清粉,鹽,澱粉(木薯,玉米),糖,味精,I+G,水
進口: 新加坡
保質期: 建议在购买后3个月内食用
凈重: 每包120克

Storage Instruction

Item must be kept in the freezer.
Please do not soak or defrost in the room temperature.
Product should be kept in the refrigerator (chiller) for thawing.
It can be kept in the refrigerator (chiller) for up to 2 凈重days.
However, it is highly recommended to consume as soon as it is thawed.

不要泡水或放在室温下解凍, 应将產品放入冰箱冷藏格解凍。 解凍后可以保存在冰箱中最多2天。 建议解凍后尽快食用。

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