Pacific Crispy Fish Skin (Spicy)
洋洋香脆魚皮 (香辣)




Ingredient: Fish Skin, Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Spicy Powder, Pepper Powder, Salt, Flavour Enhancer (E621)
Imported From: Vietnam
Shelf life: Best-before-date is indicated on each bag. It is highly recommended to consume the product as soon as possible within a week after opening.
Net Weight: 60g/pkt

成份:魚皮,小麥粉,棕櫚油,香辣味調味粉,胡椒粉,食用鹽,增味劑 (E621)) 進口: 越南
凈重: 每包60克

Additional information

Weight94 kg
Dimensions18 × 8.5 × 26 cm

Storage Instruction

Item must be kept in a cool and dry place (e.g. Air-conditioned room or chiller).
必须保存在阴凉, 干燥的地方(例如空调房间或冰箱冷藏格)

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